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Free Viral Tweet Builder

You will love this it is such an easy way to build your business. Tweet your way to success. Upgrades are available and if you want to learn more about Twitter try these books. They are awesome as well!! Happy Twittering!


Books are a great investment to get the most out of your Tweets. There are some great ones on the market today. Seniors don’t have to be left in the dust any more, and we seniors are not dummies but this series of books is awesome in any subject imaginable.

Save Dollars by using Countertop Appliances

Use your microwave.
Not all foods are great when cooked in the microwave, but there are lots of times you can use it over your conventional oven.  Since your microwave uses 75% less energy than your oven, it’s worth it to find new ways to use it when cooking! The use of your microwave in the summer will keep your kitchen from getting warmer as meals are cooked also. I use the microwave to heat tea water instead of using a teapot on the stove. It is a time saver as well as a money saver.
Use countertop appliances over the stovetop equivalent. 
When you are steaming vegetables or boiling water in the kettle, opt for countertop appliances instead of using your stove. They use significantly less electricity and get the job done faster and will keep your kitchen cooler in the summer heat. This is extremely important in the desert southwest in the summer, if you live here you know this is a true fact.
Invest in a slow cooker.
Also known as “crock pots”, slow cookers can be used for everything from roasts to stews. Because
new ones use only the same amount of energy as a single light bulb, they are a very energy efficient way of cooking. Using a slow cooker is a great way to have dinner nearly ready when you get home from a busy work day and save money at the same time. Less expensive cuts of meat can be prepared also saving grocery dollars.

Always run a full load in the dishwasher.

Before running a cycle through your dishwasher, make sure it is full. You’ll use less electricity and less water – and an added bonus is that your dishes will come out cleaner! If you don’t have a full load check for canisters
or spoon holders anything that will benefit a good washing to fill the load. And always be sure to let your dishes air dry or use the cool dry option rather than using the heat dry setting. This alone will cut the amount of energy used for each load by 15% – 50%! I did this and I saved a bunch on our next utility bill. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be to make these small changes and it really does add up.

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Gardening tools make great Christmas gifts. With the worlds economy the way it is today, giving funtional gifts this Christmas makes more sense then ever. Shopping on instore special days is another way to save even more money, so plan on visiting Shagbark Lumber and Farm Supplies for our annual Christmas Open House. Mark your calendars for Saturday December 11th from 11am til 2pm. Have your picture taken with Santa, enjoy free hot dogs, soda and hot cocoa and other yummies. Shop the garden tool area for your home gardener.

Maybe it is a new BBQ that you are wanting for next seasons cookouts. Take advantage of our sale prices during our Open House while supplies last we have Weber Gas and Traeger Pellet grills on Clearance at awesome savings. 

We offer Gift Cards that your gardener can use when new items arrive in the spring. You can’t go wrong with a Gift Card.

Go to our Website and fill out the form on the Contact Us page with your e-mail address to receive special email sales and price savings deals.


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Chives are from the onion family officially named Allium schoenoprasum and are a hardy perennial. They grow well in an outdoor herb garden as well as in containers for enjoying them all winter long. Their flavor is mild and doesn’t  have the strong after taste that onions do. They are an easy herb to grow, and they flourish in different climate zones. They prefer full sun and simply an average soil mixture. They are also grown easily from seed but this is a slow process for the chive plant. When planting from seed, let the little clumps of seedlings grow closely together, thin the clumps eight to twelve inches apart. After two seasons these clumps can be broken apart and sowed. Chives can be used as a border around your herb garden and are really attractive. Chives are hardy herbaceous perennial plants that die back to the ground to rest during winter months. When chive plants start to flower you should pull the flower stem out from the bottom of the stalk before flower goes to seed, this will prevent the tough flower stems from getting  mixed with what you will use in your kitchen. Chives can be continually harvested during growing season simply by cutting with scissors or they can be chopped and frozen for later use. The chive plant does not dry well and freezing is preferred.

Once you are growing your own chives, you will not want to return to store purchases. You will delight your family with delicious soups, vegetables, dips, meats and seafoods seasoned with this gourmet favorite.

How to Grow Floribundas in Your Yard and Garden

Floribundas are the new Rose and compared to the hybrid tea roses, these guys are more hardy and flower more abundantly. A Danish named D.T. Poulsen in the early 1800s experimented until he found a more easily grown rose that could withstand cold winters and give an abundance of flowers. Eventually in the early 1940s they gained popularity and have become a staple in many flower gardens all over the world.

Over the years new plant types were introduced like the  China Doll from 1946 to the Angle Face introduced in 1968 to the Bon-Bon introduced in 1974. There are hundreds of varieties that range in color and scent from peach to a dark red, some slightly scented and some with a wonderful deep aroma. A trip to your local nursery or farm supply store will be a pleasant family outing to pick the prefect roses for your family garden.
 There are numerous books on growing roses for the beginner to the pro out there and worth investing in for your rose growing experience.

Gourds Make Great Bird Feeders That Turn Into Bird Houses

My daugher grows gourds of all shapes and sizes and last year we decided to hang some in our mesquite trees with the seeds in them to feed our feathered friends. We let the gourds dry seeds intact, then drill a hole for the birds to enter. First they will take weeks to empty all the delectible seeds out. We were going to take it down and replace with one with more seeds, when we realized the birds were moving stuff in and making a nest. A few weeks later we watch a mom and pop sparrow coax their three babies out of the gourd to start living their own lives. Since then we think it is the same pair that have raised three different sets of babies in the same gourd. Needless to say we just add new ones and sure enough all the gourds are being lived in after the seeds are gone.

Grow Your Own Birdhouse : Using Gourds as Birdhouses

Did You Know That You Can Save Money by Driving 55

I know it sounds crazy that keeping your speed down to 55 on open highways is a. no fun  and b. takes more time, but I proved it to myself. When my husband and I bought a new car equiped with guages to tell you your actual miles per gallon, we immediately got into competition about who could keep the mileage down the best. I know that everytime I was a little late to work and would drive at a much higher rate I always lost the challenge, it did not take me long to slow down. I was surprised at the change in the amount my gas was costing each week. Sometimes it is the simplest of things that can really add up saving you lots of dollars each year.
Ease the squeeze: Gas saving ideas for Arizona drivers
Check out some of these great money saving guides and you will be surprised what you can save in a years time. I know I was.

Examples Of How Going Green Can Save You Money

Going Green Today can help our planet and everyday environment while at the same time saving you money and in today’s economy every penny saved goes along way.
Here are some real money saving small steps to start you Going Green Today.

If you have not already made the lightbulb switch to those little curly compact flurescent ones. These facts may change your mind. First they use only ten percent of the energy used by the other type lightbulbs. On top of that they last ten percent longer. Win Win in my book. In today’s economy the first output cost for these bulbs may be too steep, however, if you put in a three pack everytime you grocery shop in no time at all you will have switched out all of them out.

If you use a dishwasher, the simple act of turning off the heated dry will save you $200 per year.

Washing clothes on the cold settings and most of the products available today nolonger require hot temps to be effective can save you several dollars each month just by not heating that water.

Weather winter or summer lowering your heating/cooling temperatures by three degrees will most likely not be noticed until you get the bill, you could literally save an easy $30 each month. That really adds up.

With some of your savings you could find tons of ideas and information on how to save money and the environment at the same time.

If you have a cool idea for reusing some items in imaginative ways, like reusing the clear plastic peanut butter containers in my studio for tools, sponges and all kinds of things. You can see thru them and identify right away what craft item you may be looking for. Let me know your creative reusables and we can pass it on.

Anyway, I would like to accomplish, with this blog a sharing of creative ideas and uses for products other then what you bought them containing, money saving ideas and how to do it information for everything in and around your home and garden.

Grow Great Cucumbers

The two types of cucumbers are slicing and pickling. Slicing varieties include Salad Bush, Green Knights and Orient Express to name just a few. Pickling varieties include Little Leaf, Fancifak and Pickle-dilly. There are many different varieties and each will react differently to your particular environment. Experimenting with several different varieties until you find the right one for you and your area is recommended.

The cucumber is a trouble-free and nutritous  vegetable that is easy to grow in any zone. Cucumber plants prefer a well drained humus rich soil, mulching and full sun. Missing any of these essentials will produce misshappen and discolored fruit. Plant seeds one inch deep and at least one foot apart below trellis or in a cluster of three plants if growing up a cone  support that will allow separation. Harvesting regularly will keep your plant producing giving you a bigger annual yeild. If you are planning to buy young plants look for thick healthy plants with shinny green leaves avoiding any plants that have started vining, flowering or turning yellow. Plant seedlings in raised rows about 3-4″ high spacing rows about one foot apart. Cucumbers can also be grown around a tree in the garden they can also be planted with tomatoes using combined support system. Cucumbers like to be planted after the ground has really warmed up in the North and have a long growing season in the warmer climate zones. Bigger fruit will be produced if after the flowering and fruit starts trim off other side growth allowing the plant to concetrate its energy into the fruit itself. Planting a second set of seedlings about a month later will give you two yeilds.

Watch for cucumber beetles, they are striped greenish to yellow. They are known to spread a bacteria that will cause wilting. You can cover plants with plastic row covers and mulch to deter this beetle from breeding.

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